Artist Profile:ReVerse Butcher

After winning the Queensland XR festival’s Digital Art/NFTs & Augmented Reality, ReVerse Butcher is ready to take her Circle Series on chain.

The series is enigmatic, striking and truly original. After being carefully drawn, rendered and painstakingly blended, feminine digital beings are suspended in locations that jar, contrast and challenge. New with old, solid with liquid, abstract with tessellated.  The figures are staring and silent but speak to the female energy we all possess. Circling and circled the works’ terse juxtapositions have a surprisingly relaxing effect. Each millisecond of rotation reveals yet another frame of colour, shape, feature that mesmerises, almost hypnotises, and tugs the viewer into the feminine circle.

Self-taught with a broad multi-disciplinary approach, ReVerse Butcher says she “will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive.” The mediums include poetry, graphics, illustration, performance, text, poetry, drawing, digital image, video and everything else in between. Having worked everywhere from London to Lismore, ReVerse Butcher finds herself settling in Melbourne. The pandemic has allowed her to focus on her digital work, spending hours in front of a screen tailoring the patterned skin suit of these otherworldly beings.

With a huge body of work under her belt, ReVerse Butcher prepares for her origin NFT launch early March. Straight after the launch of her VISPO (visual poetry) book Kaleidoscopic called Erasures being published through Steel Incisors and released 11th February.

You can view more of Reverse Butcher’s work here, and check out the youtube video about the drop here.

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ReVerse Butcher wins the QLD XR Festival.