Artist Profile: 4th Perspective

4th Perspective is a transcendental artist bringing to trees to life through digital applications. Hailing from Victoria, 4th Perspective embraced NFTs because
“it’s a new technology and feels like a social revolution, one I very much want to be a part of.”

4th Perspective discovered NFTs in February 2021 and immediately connected with the medium.
4th Perspective lost half his vision to advanced keratoconus and soon after bought a camera and started learning. He quickly moved into more complicated work as photography alone was too limiting to what he wanted to express.

4th Perspective is also a full time carer for his partner who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) making mental health a massive part of his everyday life. Expressing that visually was the perfect outlet. After a year of creating art, NFTS became the natural next stage of the process.
4th Perspective says “I do my best to make something beautiful from the chaos”. The inspiration for the NFTs are drawn from trees in nature, and yes these are real trees.

“I’m a firm believer that every plant has its own distinctive personality, but most of them just aren’t familiar to humans.Every so often there’s a tree that has such a definable and human personality that I just have to show that through art.”

4th Perspective’s profile pic is a great example. The tree is instantly recognisable to those in the area.

4th Perspective believes he sees through trees and instantly knows what it wants to be in terms of art.

You can find 4th Perspective’s work on and