Artist Profile: Jasmine Mansbridge

Jasmine Mansbridge is a professional artist who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Her geometric, meticulous and precise outlook pull her towards many art mediums, like sculpture, large-scale public works, intimate paintings and now she’s breaking into the world of NFTs. Her works see her representing digital animation as well as art, seeing nature as a recurring motif, along with ‘three-point portals’, which aim to help contemplate our roles in the world, and to look at the world in a deeper sense.

Where do you draw inspiration for your NFTs?
My NFTs are an extension of my physical artworks. I am a painter, I make sculptures and installations and the NFTs have been a natural progression of my story telling.

Since you are used to such large-scale art pieces, how did you decide to start doing NFTs, and why?
I exhibited a body of work during Covid and wanted to make a work which was engaging to an online audience, so I animated one of my works for that show. That ended up becoming my first NFT.

How do you think NFTs have helped bridge the gap between art and technology?
NFTs have provided an opportunity for artists to reach new audiences and the opportunity for those interested in crypto and technology to collect art and essentially become part of a new wave of curators.

How do you think NFTs represent your artistic message?
My work has always been concerned with storytelling and motion and my animations are able to take this further than the still works alone.

Do you think NFTs will have more of an impact in the art world in the future?
I think we will see more and more corporations and businesses come into this space and more commercial projects. I think that fine art will continue to increase in value, especially work dated from these early times. Like any other time in history this medium will just become another valid art form.

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Words: Claudia Flores
Image: Armelle Habib