Artist Profile: Skynecta

Skynecta has been independently doing art since the early 90’s. Originally starting out with graffiti letter styles but evolving more into character based works. Character development is a driving force behind his work and through evolution these organisms have mutated. 

The Spektapods are otherworldly entity that has fused their genes with humans. Origin of the Spektapods is unknown and still there is no tactile evidence or proof of an actual physical form. The Spektapods are a particle fusion experiment by another universal force.  Deeply rooted in the psychedelic experience it is often stated that the Spektapods are entities dwelling in unseen worlds only accessible to those who possess “the key”. Truth is that everyone possesses “the key” but not everyone has the ability to access the lock.

At times Skynecta feels as if he is having the information and visions transmitted from another realm directly into his brain like he has been chosen to construct and bring a visual representation of these entities.

Skynecta or Sync, as he is also known as, was elemental in the development of street art in Australia in the early 2000’s. Founding member of the artistic powerhouse from Melbourne, the Everfresh Crew, his work on the streets between 1998-2008 was relentless. Using different techniques to produce his work such as stencils, posters, hand drawn and aerosol works he was able to have a very broad spectrum of visual output. His work can be seen in films such as the Melbourne street art documentary “Rash”, Banksy’s film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and the “Obey Giant” documentary. Still actively producing aerosol works on the streets and very active in producing works on paper and canvas. Skynecta has been producing and selling NFTs since October 2020 and has found success by moving his work into the digital realm whilst still maintaining a strong connection to his physical works.