Profile: Josh Crypto

Joshua Corban-Banks is a junior architect and artist with a passion for architecture and photography. However, a more recent passion of his is NFTs. His project of ‘Genmorphus Art’ is a collection of 100 of AI generated architectural artworks, combining both his passion for architecture, art and NFTs all in one. Seen as a representation of his creative process and an expression of how he idealises his new architectural projects. We had the opportunity to gain his perspective on NFTs and their future.

How did you merge your passion for architecture with your work in NFTs?

Architecture is all about the creative process and I was able to explore that in NFTs in a way that allowed me to monetise the work I was already doing as well as express my creativity.

How were you introduced to the NFT world?

I was always teaching myself about the Stockmarket and investing in highschool. Therefore, crypto came onto my radar by doing that and by following crypto I became aware of NFTs. However, I hadn’t put much thought into them until my brother put me onto them back in March of 2021.

Where does your inspiration for NFT’s come from?

Inspiration for my Genmorpheus collection comes from my architectural background and trying to express how a creative idea comes to fruition.

Genmorpheus Collection

How do you know when an NFT project will become big?

This is just time in the game and being able to read projects. I’ve been flipping/trading NFTs for a little over a year now, I bought my first one back in March 2021 and so I have become aware of what makes a good project.

A few key things I look out for is:

1. The Team – Are they doxxed? Do they have a good range of skills (e.g. Not all just marketers with an artist hired off of Fiverr). Are they active in the community 24/7 engaging with everyone?

2. Artwork – Generally if the team isn’t doxed and it’s marketed really well and it is 3D artwork, that’s a red flag for me. To me, 3D artwork projects that are marketed well end up being Rug Pulls I’ve found.

3. Roadmap – Are they planning to keep the project alive after mint? Are they going to deliver a bunch of good utility with the project? That comes back to the team – if they have the skillset to execute what they’re promising in a roadmap. If the roadmap is vague or there is not much information, it’s normally a pump and dump project.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start making or start buying NFTs?

DYOR. Meaning, don’t jump into a project based on “hype” and marketing, look into the team, look at the utility and evaluate.

What do you think NFT’s will look like in the future?

Right now everyone see’s them as just PFPs or a way to support artists. NFT’s are so much more. The utility that they can offer is exceptional and I think we’ll start to see them used in everyday scenarios. Whether it be at the supermarket, through reward cards, a festival ticket or even a servicing record for your vehicles. The block chain tech associated with NFTs opportunity is untapped. We will start to see more NFTs used for everything.

To find out more about Joshua’s works click here, watch his YouTube videos click here
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By Claudia Floros